Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Love your teeth!

Students don't always have the time to think about the wider implications of what they are learning. After all there are tests to study for, homework assignments to complete and extra-curricular activities to take part in. Year 9 combined science biology have been learning a lot about human health this term, and that includes a part of the body which is vital for eating and smiling (two of our favourite activities) - our teeth. After reflecting on what they had learned, many students in 9CO3 were concerned about the reported incidence of 'gingivitis' in young people of school going age, and the decision was made to launch a mini-campaign to help other students realize how important their teeth were. This music video, called 'Love your teeth', is the culmination of their ideas. The director was Cristina Sofia Valladares Machuca, the camera man was Kevin Rene Valladares Doño, Edwin Antonio Flores Romero acted as a technician in the shooting, and the creative aspect was shared by the whole class. They had help from Mr Horrocks and Mr Alfaro in the LRC, to come up with a song and to edit the raw footage. Students from 9CO3 biology would like you to watch this fun music video and then reflect about whether you really 'love YOUR teeth?'.

1 comment:

  1. Really excellent video! And a really good message about our teeth.
    You took your academic work further to tackle a real problem - excellent!