Monday, 21 May 2012

Great job agent Monterrosa!

When an experiment was titled, ´Mission Impossible´ J.E. Monterrosa (7A) took it on as a top secret challenge, working on his own to produce an experiment write-up which went far beyond the call of duty and producing a top secret document detailing his plan for Enthanol to replace Oil as the fuel of the future. 

The report was based on his experiments in investigating the energy outputs in burning fuels, ethanol being one of them. The report was delivered in a 50cm x 45cm ´Spy style´ briefcase labelled ´TOP SECRET´ just like a real spy document and it was smuggled onto the science teachers desk in some way before 7am (J.E. is not allowed to tell you how he did it, that is classified information). What is not classified information however, is it is that the report explores ideas of controlled, independent and dependent variables to a high degree of detail and contains an evaluation and report section which is good enough for IGCSE level. For a piece of homework scored out of 10 he probably deserves...11?  Well done agent Monterrosa -next mission?

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