Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Paola is the British Ambassador for the Day!

We were granted a great opportunity by the British Ambassador, Mrs Linda Cross. We were to find a student who would be the British Ambassador for the Day!
Since 12th grade were busy with their International Baccalaureate examinations, we opened this up to students from 11th grade. They had to answer a simple quiz, list all the leadership activities that they had been involved in and state why they wanted to be "Ambassador for the Day".
It was very difficult to choose from the 17 applicants but in the end we selected Paola, our new Head Girl.
How did she get on? I shall publish her report on this presently, but here is the report directly from Mrs Cross:

Thank you again for choosing Paola to come and be the second British Ambassador in town for the day. She was a great asset and represented the UK and of course the ABC extremely well. 
We had a pretty full day with Paola being collected from school by the Embassy driver at 8am to come to the Embassy for a couple of meetings to discuss elements of our British Week planned from 8-15 June. We then went off to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Europe Day event, which went on longer than expected. 
 Paola experienced some of the frustrations of being invited to an event which starts almost an hour late! However she did have the opportunity of meeting a number of her ambassadorial colleagues and they were all interested in what she was doing. Perhaps it will inspire them to offer something similar! 
After a rather hurried lunch we visited the Progressio offices and met the group of British volunteers who are currently working on a couple of interesting projects in Santa Marta, Cabanas. They gave us a presentation on progress on their projects and we then had a discussion about various topics. 
After the usual group photo we had 20 minutes or so to chat to them more informally. I understand Paola discussed some possible cooperation between the school and Progressio, so perhaps something concrete to come out of her visit. 
We finished off the day at the Universidad Jose Matias Delgado presenting the UK’s policy on the Falkland Islands to a group of students. We were accompanied by a local journalist, Alex Pineda, who had recently visited the Falkland Islands as part of our programme of visits to show the media the way of life of the islands and to give them the opportunity of speaking to local people about their views. 
The Ambassador was delivered safely home at about 18:45, so it was a pretty long day. My thanks to Paola for accompanying me and for her interest in what we do and questions about how an Embassy works; relations with El Salvador and our priorities. I would be delighted to repeat this exercise next academic year with another “Ambassador for the Day”.